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100, Chemin du bois du Roi
4608 Warsage

TEL :+32 4355 3059
GSM:+32 4945 02275
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Dear pigeon-friend,
It’s a pleasure to us to share our favourite hobby with you.
The whole life of our family is already since more than 80 years during 3 generations dedicated to the pigeon-sport.
Somebody who hear one of our family-members speaking about pigeon-sport will certainly think that it is a matter of “life and death”. They do not understand: it’s even worse!
Therefore, if you have any questions about pigeon-sport, do not hesitate to contact us.

Wanwan Li and Patrick Philippens 

What other claim, we did !
Does there exist one allround loft in Belgium?
A lot of lofts claim to be allround. But, is there in Belgium a loft who got number 1 positions on all distances in championships organized by national K.B.D.B. or the Belgian Federation ? We did !

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Totally, we won 45 provincial K.B.D.B. races!
In the Netherlands, they speak already from a national victory if they just win a provincial race or even a semi-provincial race!
We do not !


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